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Walkie Talkie Audio Accessories - Surveillance Accessories

This earpiece allows the radio user to privately receive messages. It's ideal when environments require discreet communication. This 2-wire earpiece has a combined microphone and Push-to-Talk feature.

Suitable for:

Ear Bone Microphone

Highly sensitive "Bone Vibration Microphone" designed to receive ear-bone vibration and then translates it into electric signal. Now you can talk by your ear; a convenient and anti-noise gadget that work can work in a discrete environment. Suitable for security and surveillances purposes.

A specially designed earbud that integrate speaker and microphone together. The earbud is ergonomically designed and is made of soft silicon rubber that can fit most of the ear canal and can be worn comfortably for a long time. It come with a large size lapel PTT box.

Cable length : Earbud to PTT box - 3ft (0.9m) PTT box to Plug - 5ft (1.5m)

Suitable for: