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1. Is there a license free walkie talkie for India?

The answer is both yes and no. Yes – because the Indian law permits license free walkie talkies in the 27 MHz band. No – because the 27 Mhz band is obsolete. This frequency band interferes with computer monitors. Noise pick up from generators and two wheeler engines result in 'motor boating effect' during reception. It just offers 3-4 floors coverage inside buildings. Worldwide, this is a discontinued band.

TalkPRO model LF(License Free) 866 is being launched in april 2017.It works on 865-867 Mhz covering a distance of 2km appx.For pre order bookings,

2.What is the communication range of a walkie talkie?

Do not get carried away by tall claims on the internet. Some internet sites mention 12 km range!! The range inside the building drops drastically due to intervening walls and floors. The thumb rule to be followed in India is -
0.5 watt walkie talkie - appx. 200-300 meters or 3-4 floors inside a building (for walkie talkies offered on the internet)

4.0 watt walkie talkie - appx. 2-3 km or 12-15 floors, inside a building.

7.0 watt walkie talkie - appx. 3-4 km or 20-25 floors, inside the building.

Please discuss your requirement with our sales team on phone or by mail, who will correctly advise the best solution for you. Read More...

3.What about the walkie talkies shown on Ebay, Amazon, Flipkart, EBay etc.

These radios are not type approved by the Indian Ministry of Telecom for the following reason – they work on 400 Mhz band and not the licensed band of 350 Mhz. In India, the 400 Mhz band is used by Para Military Forces.

Moreover, these radios have very low transmit power of just 0.5 watts, which is not enough to cover 2-3 floors in a building. The battery is smaller than a cell phone battery, giving hardly a continuous talk time of 30 minutes, which is not enough for a full day operational requirement of the event managers, crane operators, photographers etc. They are not rugged enough to withstand the rough use of construction sites or the security services. The voice level is not loud enough for comfortable communication in discotheques and factory environment.

4.Then, which walkie talkie is suitable for India?

For the Indian consumers, the Government has allocated 350 Mhz band with 10 channels. The 350 Mhz band is best suited for indoor as well as outdoor coverage, does not affect the computer monitors and is free from the radio interference of two wheeler engines or the generators.

The main requirements of Indian customers are 'S.S.T.'- Sastaa, Sunder and Tikau (Economical, aesthetical in appearance and reliable). All these three aspects are well taken care in all our models.

All the models of Talk PRO walkie talkies are type approved by the Indian Ministry of Telecom. The walkie talkies are rugged for industrial use and are manufactured with Military Standards 810 C, D, E and F and also Ingress Protection Class IP56 (suitable for working in rain, dusty environment, resist electrical shocks and can withstand a fall from 10 meter height). Water proof models -Ingress Protection Class, IP 67, are also available.

Talk PRO walkie talkies use Lithium- Polymer batteries of more than 2000 mAh capacity, resulting in long talk time of 48 hours. The body is made of anti slip ABS material. The voice is loud and crystal clear by deploying a 1 Watt speaker of 40mm dia. The radios are designed to last over a decade.

Talk PRO radios are value for money. No other brand offers this price or features in India.

5.What about warranty?

The walkie talkies offered on the internet do not carry any warranty. Moreover, spare battery, antenna or chargers are not available separately. These are basically use and throw models.

Talk PRO radios carry a 'No Question Asked' warranty of one year. The turnaround time for servicing is 48 hours. Availability of spares even for discontinued models is guaranteed for a period of 8 years. Call +9198842 23444 or +91 44 42809000 to speak to our service in charge directly.

6.Maintenance – Tips and Tricks

Talk PRO radios are working at our customers place for more than 10 years without any complaints. You can avoid these common faults -

Switch off the mains supply to the charger when not in use. It will increase the life of the charger and the adapter. In remote and rural areas, where voltage fluctuation is common, following this safe practice will increase the life of the walkie talkie.

Never carry the radio by holding the antenna. The length of the antenna is finely tuned to the set frequency. This length will change due to the weight of the radio and will result in poor range and heating of the radio.

Replace the battery after appx. 15-18 months. The symptoms are – low talk time, reduced range and 'frequent low battery beep.'

If the received signal is crackling or noisy, just move a few feet away from these 'blind spots'. The signal will improve. In case, this does not happen, you are possible getting out of the communication range. Reduce the distance of communication between the walkie talkies.